[Mailman-Users] what should be the correct path?

lito lampitoc ral at codewan.com.ph
Fri Aug 6 11:31:57 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I'm entirely lost with my mailman installation. I have this setup
Mailman + QMail + Apache, and run it under <VirtualHost>. I have the
following problems, 

1. What should be put on DocumentRoot?

I tried:

  DocumentRoot /var/www/webpages/lists

where _lists_ is a symbolic link to mailman directory
/usr/local/mailman, but my browser just gives the list of files of that
directory. Whereas the default url should be

2. do I need to configure or change any mailman config file for the

3. why is it that when subscribing on the list I created, subscriber and
admin does not receive confirmation e-mail 

Thanks for any help.

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