[Mailman-Users] mailman archives requiring logons

Wolfgang Riedmann wolfgang at riedmann.it
Wed Aug 4 18:22:50 CEST 2004

Hi Brad,

I'm using MailMan 2.0.11 as default for Debian Woody.

> >  When I now try to access the archive, it ask email and password as it
> >  should be, and after a succesful login, I can select the messages I
> >  would like to see. When I then select a thread, it asks me again to
> >  login.
> >
> >  What can be wrong? Session cookies should be active. I have tried
> >  with IE5, Opera 7.23 and Mozilla 1.5....

I have now tracked down the thing to erroneus session cookies. 
MailMan sets all cookies to an expiration date of january, 1, 1970. 

I have modified the apache configuration for a default value of 60 
minutes, but the MailMan cookie keeps the wrong expiration date.

I have now looked at www.backports.org, and there is a newer version 
available: 2.1.4. Should this cure my problems?

Thank you very much!


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