[Mailman-Users] Re: [Mailman Site List] Empty Cc header

Morgan Fletcher morgan at hahaha.org
Fri Aug 13 18:07:18 CEST 2004

Morgan Fletcher <morgan at hahaha.org> writes:
> I recently made the upgrade* from 2.0.8 to 2.1.5. It went well. Thank you,
> mailman maintainers, for a great piece of software.
> Mail to our mailing lists has had empty Cc headers since the upgrade. Why
> is that? It's causing some mail to be rejected by our subscribers' MTAs,
> like so:
> Aug  4 07:21:17 flip postfix/cleanup[8936]: C92834800B9A: reject: header Cc:
> [...] Message content rejected
> <<<<
> We're running postfix 2.0.18, mailman 2.1.5, netbsd.
> I've searched the archives, but since "cc" is ignored by the search engine
> I didn't find anything. Is this some optional feature in mailman?
> Morgan
> * I'd posted here previously about the trouble I had, upgrading. Adding the
>   note about undoing the coerce-to-plaintext patch to UPGRADING in 2.1.5
>   got me past the problem. Thanks again.

No one else has had this problem, or knows the solution?

I've sent mail from the machine as a user, using mailx (postfix) and
there's no empty Cc: header. And the problem showed up when we upgraded
from 2.0.8 to 2.1.5. So I don't think it's postfix.


Morgan Fletcher
Oakland, CA

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