[Mailman-Users] BIG discard problem

David Relson relson at osagesoftware.com
Thu Aug 12 16:11:25 CEST 2004

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004 10:40:30 +0200
Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 9:44 PM -0400 2004-08-11, David Relson wrote:
> >  No!  Recursive grep commands include a directory specification,
> >  hence don't need to be executed from a specific subdirectory.  My
> >  "egrep -r... /usr/lib/mailman" command searches mailman's source
> >  tree.
> 	I have no idea what OS you're using and where the "source" code 
> is placed relative to the data files, etc... on your system, but on 
> Mailman default installations, /usr/local/mailman is the home 
> directory for *everything* related to Mailman, including 
> source/executable code, log files, data files, queue directories, 
> etc....
> 	If you run a recursive grep of the sort you recommend on the 
> entire /usr/local/mailman directory hierarchy, you are likely to run 
> into the 20,000 file problem previously mentioned.
> 	If you want to limit yourself to just the source code, you need 
> to search /usr/local/mailman/Mailman, /usr/local/mailman/bin, etc... 
> and make sure you don't include any of those log directories, queue 
> directories, etc....


I'm running mailman using the Mandrake 10.0 rpms.  I apologize for not
mentioning that fact.  I assumed that the division of files between
/usr/local/mailman and /var/lib/mailman was standard.  Evidently I was

AFAICT, recursive grep isn't bothered by the number of files in a
directory.  As bogofilter's lead developer, I have a spam archive with
large monthly directories.  I frequently use recursive grep on that
archive.  As a test, I just ran it without incident for a directory with
37,619 files.

Anyhow, details aside on grepping source code, I find mailman to be a
useful and valuable tool.  It's been running bogofilter's mailing lists
for several months without problem.  

Thanks for the great work.


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