[Mailman-Users] need help telling people how to set defaults

marci and rex rxguitar at comcast.net
Sun Aug 15 05:47:23 CEST 2004

Hey all,
  Please forgive me if this question has been answered a million times 
already. I didnt see anything in the archives that covered this.
    My business partner and I run a website for porcelain artists and have 
recently signed on to a  new server that is using  Mailman  version 2.1.4 . 
Our old mailing list was really  basic and didnt support styled text , so 
all of our listers had to  set their email defaults for plain text... Now 
with the new Mailman program, I want to be able to take advantage of the 
capability of styled text and even  embedded photos but I am having a real 
problem with figuring out how we need to set this up.
    I have currently defaulted everybody getting the  digests to plain 
text  ( I originally defaulted everyone to MIME) .....the problem is that 
,  no matter how I set the defaults on my end , some of our listers are 
getting styled mail  perfectly  while others are getting either scrubbed 
attachments or attachments that have to be individually opened...
    Can anybody clue me in as to how our listers have to set their email 
defaults so that they can all view styled text properly ?
  Thanks in advance...
PPIO.com  ( Porcelain Painters International Online ) 

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