[Mailman-Users] Re add members w/o confirming & a good MUA

marci and rex rxguitar at comcast.net
Fri Aug 20 01:25:40 CEST 2004

>  RE: adding members without having  them confirm?
>David said:
You can also subscribe members in the List Administration web interface
under Membership Management > Mass Subscription. This is much easier
for a non-techie.
a different David ;)

  Hi d D ! ( grin ) ...........Different person with the same problem 
here....We tried that when we originally set up our new mailing list 
thinking we could copy/paste subscriber emails to our old mailing list into 
this field... all it did was send out invitations to subscribe..It didnt 
actually subscribe them...They still have to reply to the  verify email and 
thats where we are having the problem...
    I am having trouble with our members either not getting 
the  verification emails or  probably
having them  dumped into spam filter files... We are dealing with a lot of 
elderly ( 70 +) porcelain artists who are artists and not computer geeks.. 
:-) .... and I have several who have resubscribed 4 or 5 times and are just 
not getting the idea of " reply to the verify letter"...and there are also 
some who manage to retrieve the letters or click on the webpage  link in 
the email only to be told that it is an invalid verification code... ( I 
know these expire after 3 days... but these are ones that are  giving the 
errors on the same day they are dated... )
     Also, if anybody has some recommendations of good MUAs ( boy , I hope 
i used the right term here )  that will display Mailman properly with 
styled text, Im all ears... I personally run Eudora  and it displays 
everything... but some of our listers are getting either scrubbed messages 
or every message as an attachment. I would love to be able to take 
advantage of colored  text  so if anyone has any suggestions I can pass 
along, Im all ears...
  Thanks , everybody
  Porcelain Painters International Online

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