[Mailman-Users] debian upgrade to 2.1.5

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 17:42:07 CEST 2004

On 25 Aug 2004, at 13:57, Rick Pasotto wrote:

> mailman appeared in the list of potential upgrades this morning but 
> when
> I try to install it I'm told that there are files in
> /var/lib/mailman/qfiles so the upgrade won't happen. There are no
> *files* in that directory, however there are some *directories* there.
> I'm told to run 'mailmanctl start' to clear out the files and then run
> the update again. When I try to do that I'm told that qrunner is 
> already
> running.

If there and files in the subdirs of $prefix/qfiles/ then make sure 
'mailmanctl start' has started the qrunners and let it run until the 
subdirs are empty. Then stop your local MTA, sendmail or whatever, so 
that it will not deliver any more messages into the $prefix/qfiles/in 
subdir. Run 'mailmanctl stop' to stop the qrunners and you should be 
able to safely upgrade the mailman installation. I cannot speak to 
debian and how it does upgrades. Thew restart your MTA and run 
'mailmanctl start'.

> How can I find what files are blocking the upgrade?
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