[Mailman-Users] Disable email commands

Christian Wix christian at wix.dk
Thu Aug 26 09:58:47 CEST 2004

>>How do I disable email commands to the list server?
> You could always arrange your aliases to discard (or bounce) mail to the
> [listname]-request at your.domain address. This is rather drastic and would
> also mean that certain confirmation requests that come from that address
> could not be "replied to", but would have to be handled via the web
> interfaces, but maybe that's what you want?
> If you actually do this, you'd probably also want to edit the various
> templates to remove references to "replying to" the message.

What I really want is: That the list server should not be managed in any
matter by anyone but me. The users should only recieve "special" mails
from the list server if they post someting illigal. I add users by command
line. Passwords should not be something to warry about.

If I use procmail to drop all mail to *-request at my.domain whould that do it?

// Christian Wix

M.Sc. Student
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering, DTU

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