[Mailman-Users] Disable email commands

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Aug 26 22:23:14 CEST 2004

Christian Wix quoted and wrote:

>>>How do I disable email commands to the list server?
>> You could always arrange your aliases to discard (or bounce) mail to the
>> [listname]-request at your.domain address. This is rather drastic and would
>> also mean that certain confirmation requests that come from that address
>> could not be "replied to", but would have to be handled via the web
>> interfaces, but maybe that's what you want?
>> If you actually do this, you'd probably also want to edit the various
>> templates to remove references to "replying to" the message.
>What I really want is: That the list server should not be managed in any
>matter by anyone but me. The users should only recieve "special" mails
>from the list server if they post someting illigal. I add users by command
>line. Passwords should not be something to warry about.
>If I use procmail to drop all mail to *-request at my.domain whould that do it?

It might, but you might also want to drop mail to the -join, -leave,
-subscribe and -unsubscribe addreses.

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