[Mailman-Users] mailman 2.1.5 subject line problem

Larry Stone lstone19 at stonejongleux.com
Tue Aug 31 01:33:24 CEST 2004

On 8/30/04 7:31 AM, Brad Knowles at brad at stop.mail-abuse.org wrote:

> At 3:24 PM +0200 2004-08-30, Rimgaudas Laucius wrote:
>>  It only an example with windows-1275 cp. The same result if i code letter
>>  with iso-8859-13. (i tried to switch on quoted printable and Base 64
>>  coding but it does not work also.We still think problem is in Mailman
>>  and exclusively in 2.1.5 version because ealier version worked well.
> One last time -- re-read the section previously quoted to you by Mark.

Everybody step back and calm down, then re-read exactly what the original
poster said in each of his notes. We have a poster for whom English is
clearly not his first language and he may be having trouble expressing
himself clearly. His followup had quite a bit of different information and I
think some of you are responding to what you think he's saying, colored by
his original post, rather than what he's actually saying.

Yes, his first post talked about having characters in the Subject that were
in the [128..255] range. But, in his followup, he then posted:

> We have tested source text of the message sent from our MUA. The subject
> field was

> =?windows-1257?Q?=E0=FEe=E1=F8=EB=E6=FB?=

> So, all characters in ASCII and this mesaage did not go through Mailman. So
> the problem is not in MUA.

As he says, all the characters we see in that subject line are in US-ASCII.
If they are, why is the message a problem? He believes his MUA is only
passing on appropriate ASCII characters.

But I suspect that this is yet another program taking characters in
[128..255] and trying to display them as US-ASCII. Or, the question marks
could represent undisplayable characters outside the acceptable range.
Without dumping the original file, it's hard to know what's really there and
what's the result of some program trying to turn something undisplayable
into something that's displayable.

-- Larry Stone
   larry at stonejongleux.com

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