[Mailman-Users] Questions regarding Mailman on OS X Server 10.2.8PLEASE HELP!

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Dec 6 00:35:53 CET 2004

DJ Freak wrote:
>But...more importantly,  the web interface is not coming up when I type 
>in www.beathustler.com/mailman.  I host several sites but my lookup 
>name name is www.beathustler.com and that's what I entered as per the 
>Mailman install instructions.  Now my site lives on a different drive 
>than my boot volume and the CGI bin, etc.  Do I have to create a 
>symboic link to the Mailman web home and if so where is the home of 
>Mailman's web interface on a UNIX install?  I don't see any index.html 
>anywhere.  Is the personal Mailman web page compiled solely in CGI?  
>The default CGI bin doesn't seem to have any Mailman scripts either.  
>I'm getting "file not found" though not "Forbidden" which I would 
>expect to at least see if it were a permissions issue.  Needless to say 
>there is no "Mailman" folder on the home of my website which confuses 
>me.  Shouldn't there need to be something called /Mailman on my web 
>home to make /myhome.com/Mailman work?

There is no "index.html". There is a cgi-bin directory which contains
the various wrappers - admin, admindb, confirm, create, edithtml,
listinfo, options, private, rmlist, roster and subscribe which in turn
invoke scripts in Mailman/Cgi. The "home" of all this is usually
called $prefix and defaults to /usr/local/mailman unless you changed
it with --prefix=<dir> when you ran configure.

You need to tell your web server to run scripts from $prefix/cgi-bin.
For Apache this would be something like

          ScriptAlias   /mailman/       $prefix/cgi-bin/

in the Apache config.

All this is covered in the INSTALL document that comes with the
standard distribution.

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