[Mailman-Users] Still FRUSTRATED - Please Delete Huge email pending approval from me

Guy Waugh gwaugh at scu.edu.au
Wed Dec 8 23:26:13 CET 2004

Hi Evan,

I don't know that I'll be much help to you, but here goes... things I 
can think of to check/look at:

* Is there anything of interest in the Mailman logs (/Users/mailman/logs/*)?

* What about the Postfix logs?

* Did you set up the email aliases for the list you're trying to post to?

* Can you post to the list from the Mailman server itself, ideally using 
no mail routing?

* I see that there is no MX set up for beathustler.com... I'm no expert 
in the mail/DNS area, but it may be necessary (particularly so that 
posts from the Internet can find your Mailman server)?


DJ Freak wrote:
> Hi list
> I hope at least you're all having a good laugh over my incessant posting 
> please forgive I am obsessed with getting this fixed.
> Once again, Jaguar Server, Python 2.3, Mailman 2.1.5, Postfix.
> Able to do everything except post.  All mails no matter what the 
> preferred server is in web interface all come in as regular mails and do 
> not result in posts.  Or I get relaying denied if I send to my reverse 
> DNS which is www.beathustler.com (i.e. sending to 
> beat-hustler at www.beathustler.com)
> I tried to post an absurdly huge post to you all with all of my file 
> contents but I feel very certain that is problem is alias based and 
> therefore postfix based.  Then it occured to me, don't send huge posts 
> YOU HAVE A WEBSITE!  So if the mod is reading this you can delete that 
> post now.
> Here is my main.cf file:
> http://www.beathustler.com/main.cf
> PLEASE can someone take a look at that file and try and figure out what 
> I have done wrong.  Have I created a conflict between the aliases and 
> virtual files in terms of who houses the alias_maps???
> Thanks again very much for any help.
> Oh yea I just signed up for a second time by accident because I thought 
> I had found a different list.  Again please forgive.
> -Evan Miller
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