[Mailman-Users] Not All Subscribers Receiving Daily Email

Easy Easy1 at waterplanet.ws
Tue Dec 14 06:55:44 CET 2004

What is meant by a 'personalized' list. (See the header below for a 
message that was received.)

The one subscriber that is on both lists and only receives from the 
small list is on Earthlink. Earthlink says they are not blocking the list.


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Dan Phillips wrote:

> On Dec 13, 2004, at 11:36 PM, Easy wrote:
>> Mailman had been working find on a 600+ subscriber list. Something 
>> changed? somewhere?
>> Now more than a few people are not getting their email.
>> Sending directly to a subscriber works fine.
>> On another list with 30 subscribers. One subscriber is on both lists. 
>> This subscriber receives emails from the 30 subscriber list but not 
>> from the 600+ subscriber list.
>> How can this be fixed?
>> How can this issue be further isolated so it can be resolved?
>> Thank you, Easy
>> Spokane
> Are the lists personalized? If not, messages to the larger list may be 
> caught by spam filters because they have too many recipients. Check 
> the ISPs of those not receiving posts and their spam filtering policies.
> Dan

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