[Mailman-Users] Not All Subscribers Receiving Daily Email

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Dec 14 07:33:05 CET 2004

Easy wrote:

>What is meant by a 'personalized' list. (See the header below for a 
>message that was received.)

If you don't know, then your list probably isn't personalized. If your
Mailman installation allows personalization, you will have the option
to turn it enable it for a list on the Non-digest options page.
>The one subscriber that is on both lists and only receives from the 
>small list is on Earthlink. Earthlink says they are not blocking the list.

If other Earthlink subscribers are receiving the list, then this
probably isn't the issue - see below.


>Dan Phillips wrote:
>> Are the lists personalized? If not, messages to the larger list may be 
>> caught by spam filters because they have too many recipients. Check 
>> the ISPs of those not receiving posts and their spam filtering policies.

If a list is personalized, each recipients message is sent in a
separate SMTP transaction because its content may be different in some
ways from all the other messages.

It the list is not personalized, messages are sent to a large number of
recipients in one SMTP transaction. However this is only the delivery
of the message to the outgoing MTA. What happens next depends on the
outgoing MTA, but maybe the message is then sent to all the recipients
that are in the same domain (e.g. aol.com or earthlink.net) in a
single SMTP transaction with the recipients domain. Dan is suggesting
that if this transaction has "too many" recipients, it might be
rejected. If this is the reason, all the users who aren't getting the
posts would be in the same few domains, each of which contained "too
many" affected users.

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