[Mailman-Users] How we made Mailman fit: One way to customise things....

Adam Steer adam.steer at alia.org.au
Thu Dec 16 05:13:38 CET 2004

Hi all

I've finally written up the most significant parts of a Mailman
makeover we've done here at ALIA.

If you're interested, head over to:


..and have a dig around. In a very small nutshell, the pages there
describe why we modified Mailman, and how we modified htmlformat.py and
HTMLformatter.py to do most of the things we wanted.

All is explained at the link above, and we've thrown in a couple of
sample files where relevant.

Still more to come, but nothing quite so major. Some words on
installing non-RPM mailman on SuSE are also on the way - those, and some
bash scripts we wrote to handle multiple-list-maintenance jobs, may come

A disclaimer or two, to go with it all: We arrived where we are via a
couple of test servers, some intuitive guess work, some plain dumb luck
and many cups of coffee. I'm no python programmer, so don't expect
brilliance [it works... and we left it at that].

If any Python gurus can think of better ways to do what we did, please
let us know! It may well be we've just mis-read the manual and made a
lot of work for ourselves :-)

Comments welcome, and apologies to a couple of interested people who
have been waiting months for me to get this done.


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