[Mailman-Users] Memory error when running arch

BERTHOLD Jean Jean.BERTHOLD at eosholding.ch
Tue Feb 3 12:33:28 CET 2004


Finally, it was an swap problem.

I made a mistake, my SunFire as only 256 MB RAM ...

I added more swap and now everything work fine !

root at vanuatu # mkfile 2000m /export/home/swapfile
root at vanuatu # swap -a /export/home/swapfile
root at vanuatu # swap -l
swapfile             dev  swaplo blocks   free
/dev/md/dsk/d10     85,10     16 1052624 996112
/export/home/swapfile  -       16 4095984 4095984
root at vanuatu # 

../bin/arch --wipe etrans-echanges
Updating HTML for article 3849
Updating HTML for article 3850
Pickling archive state into /usr/local/mailman/archives/private/etrans-echanges/pipermail.pck

My archive have now this size:

mailman at vanuatu # du -sh etrans*
 766M   etrans-echanges
 204M   etrans-echanges.mbox
mailman at vanuatu # 

Is it too big again ?

Before my purge they had this size:

mailman at vanuatu # du -sh etrans*
 2.4G   etrans-echanges
 652M   etrans-echanges.mbox
mailman at vanuatu # 


Thanks to all for your help and have a nice day !


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Unfortunately the arch program is not optimized for real-world use and
tries to load the whole mbox archive into RAM.  Not a clever thing to
do.  One day we'll have to re-write it so that it is less memory
intensive.  For now you can try using the arbitrary numbering scheme to
run the arch program - and split the task into several smaller ones, or
you can edit your mbox archive and dump some of the earlier emails.

I like to copy off the mbox at the end of the year and start from a
fresh one in January.  I generally have my archives set so that  they do
a monthly grouping.  Once you cross into the new month, there is no
reason to keep the older emails from younger months - just don't delete
the html archives for those months.

Take care - Jon Carnes

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 05:39, BERTHOLD Jean wrote:
> Hello James,
> On Fri Jul 27 14:51:49 EDT 2001  You posted the message: [Mailman-Users] Memory error when running arch.
> Actually, I have exactly the same problem.
> My OS is Solaris 9 on a Sunblade V100 server with 1 GB RAM.
> Did you receive a response at your problem ?
> Thanks and have a nice day
> Jean Berthold
> EOS Holding
> Jean Berthold
> Administrateur Unix & Oracle
> Unité Gestion de l'infrastructure
> Team Systèmes
> Ch. de Mornex 10
> Tél. +41(0)21 341 24 58
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