[Mailman-Users] how do I stop members' replies from going to all other members?

Ken Adcock ken at brainstormdesign.net
Tue Feb 3 17:22:11 CET 2004

I have a newsletter type of list that I set up for the first time last  
night. It looked like it worked fine so I blasted out a "Welcome to the  
List" message to all of the members. this morning they started replying  
with thank yous, but those replies are going out to everyone. I would  
like replies to go only to the "Explicit Reply Address". I thought I  
had set that up.

If it makes a difference, I am posting to an umbrella list that  
contains only two other lists as members. I have set the "Explicit  
reply" in all three lists.

hope you guys can help me.

Ken Adcock

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Print and Internet

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Charleston, SC 29407

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