[Mailman-Users] single list has ceased delivery and nothing in error log

michael dunston mdunston at music.vt.edu
Fri Feb 13 16:58:57 CET 2004

tkikuchi at is.kochi-u.ac.jp, 10:52 PM (+0900) Friday, February 13, 2004:

> > 
> > I have updated to 2.1.4, applied the scrubber.py.patch and run
> > bin/check_perms -f and bin/unshunt.  This list is still 'stuck'
> > (not delivering messages) yet there is nothing being logged in
> > logs/error anymore.  Any suggestions would be greatly
> > appreciated.  THanks..
> Do not forget bin/mailmanctl restart. if it's not still in
> qfiles/shunt, then the message was processed. (if it is sent to
> digest.mbox or archive, then it is not delivered)

Thank you for the information and suggestions.  I have restarted
everything several times.  This one list is still not delivering mail
and the error log remains empty. 

The strange things is that normal admin notices and auto-responses for
messages being sent to the list are being generated and mailed (in smtp
log) but the messages themselves are not being delivered or archived.
Where else aside from the error log could I look to troubleshoot this
sort of failure of a single list? 

Also, where would I look to find the queue that contains all of the
recent posts that are not being delivered?  I've looked in in qfiles/*
and lists/THELIST and cant find any of the messages sent to the list.
thanks again for the help and suggestions.

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