[Mailman-Users] htdig integration broken after upgrade; htsearch exitstatus 127

michael dunston mdunston at music.vt.edu
Wed Feb 18 08:12:26 CET 2004

I recently upgraded a 2.1.2 install to 2.1.4 (along with
htdig-2.1.4-0.1.patch and indexing-2.1.4-0.1.patch) and now
htdig/archive searches are failing for the following error:

    htdig Archives Access Failure
    search failed -12-

in addtion, logs/error shows:

    htsearch for list: <list_name>, existatus: 127
    htsearch for list: <list_name>, cause: htsearch, detail: -12-

I have run bin/blow_away_htdig (and with -c) followed by test messages,
bin/arch --wipe and cron/nightly_htdig -v and although the index is
apparently being built the search still fails.

bin/check_perms -f doesnt indicate any problems, the symlinks for the
archives/htdig/<list_name>.conf files appear okay and
archives/private/<list_name>/htdig/ does contain the 
rundig_last_run file and db.* files with correct modification dates.

Does anyone know what the htsearch 'existatus: 127' or 'detail: -12-'
means here or where else I might look to solve this?  Thanks in advance
for any suggestions.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- Michael Dunston
-- Music and Technology
-- <http://www.music.vt.edu>
-- Virginia Tech School of the Arts

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