[Mailman-Users] New Mailman User

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Thu Jan 1 01:56:21 CET 2004

april.cox at ngne.com (April Cox) scripsit/wrote:

> I was able to set it up to not allow members or non-members
> to post to the list. But I was unable to prevent it from allowing people to
> respond to the email they receive from me.

You cannot stop people from responding to the email you send them -
but that email ist _not_ distributed to the mailing list, as you told
us before, right? In that case I don't see the problem you have?

> Right now it goes to the list - which I don't want. 

*If* the mail is sent to and distributed via the mailing list, you
have to check your configuration.

> I set the option to REPLY-TO an explicit address and
> entered my email address, so that when people have questions about the
> meeting or announcement, I can respond to them, and it doesn't post to the
> list.


> But it doesn't work.

What does that mean? Is "Reply-To:" not set on outgoing mail, or do
people ignore it when answering? If it is the latter, you can't help
that. You can't stop somebody from ignoring "Reply-To:" and sending to
the list anyway (or to somebody else).

> Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

If the answers go to the mailing list and are distributed to your
subscribers, you have to check your configuration. You'll want to be
sure that the list is (that is: all members are) moderated, and all
new members get the moderation flag set.

If the answers are send to the list, but are stopped for moderation,
you can drop them manually, direct them to your account to reply to
them off-list or instruct Mailman to reject or drop them
automatically. (In that case, I do not understand your problem.)

A happy 2004,

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