[Mailman-Users] Controlling the Sender / From / Reply-to address

Michael D Hansen mhansen4 at unl.edu
Sun Jan 4 23:39:30 CET 2004

I am a member of a state affiliate of a nation wide nonprofit organization 
and we would like to be able to give our officers the ability to send 
emails out to a list of individuals no mater what email account the 
officer is using. Mail Man seems like the perfect solution for this, in 
fact we have a individual in our national organization that is running a 
Mail Man 2.0.13 server. Our only problem is that we want to be able to 
completely control any and all sender / from / reply-to information.  We 
want these messages to look like they are coming from our organizations 
general email account so that when someone receives one of these messages 
there is no confusion as to who it is from. Also if they reply to the 
message, it doesn't go out to everyone on the list. or their message 
doesn't get bounced back to them saying they are not able to post 

I setup a test list on a Mail Man 2.0.13 server and after hard coding the 
Reply-to address and setting the Hide Sender Privacy Option to yes 
accomplished most of our goals. Configured like this when you viewed a 
email from the list in a email application it appeared to be from "name of 
the list". Is there a way to force this sender information to just be the 
reply-to address or something else that I specify? 

Even if this ability is only available in a newer version of mailman I can 
use any information you give me to talk to the administrator of our 
mailman 2.0.13 server and ask him to upgrade.

Also / or  is there anybody out there running a mailman 2.1.x server that 
would allow me to setup a test list so that I could try this out on a more 
recent version of mail man?

Michael Hansen
NFB of Nebraska
mhansen4 at unl.edu

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