[Mailman-Users] Where's the "doc" ? or I'll build it...

Scott Cavness jscavness at comcast.net
Mon Jan 5 00:24:00 CET 2004

The www.list.org/docs.html page says...
" <http://www.list.org/site.html> Site Administrators -- anybody who is
setting up a Mailman site. This documentation contains all the
information about installing Mailman, integrating it with your mail and
web servers, setting list defaults, configuring virtual domains, and
enabling various options for your list administrators. This
documentation also gives some hints on how to tune Mailman for optimal
The Site Admin link above just shows the command line and cron scripts
and says nothing about installing, integrating, etc. I checked the FAQs,
searched the archives for "installation/setup/configuration" and could
not find a "step-by-step" anywhere. The Mailman installed RPM (Fedora
Core 1) contains no README or any doc that I can find. Please update the
page to point to the installation doc or change the text of the Site
Admin paragraph.
I'll be happy to document my step-by-step install on my system and have
it posted so folks can get started, but I'm at a dead-end right now. Did
I just miss the install/setup/config documentation somewhere? Hope so.
Can I use my ISP's MTA instead of setting one up? I have a few small
lists with a limited number of subscribers. The software I currently use
(Arrow (www.jadebox.com/arrow) on my Windows XP box) does a POP3
connection to a mailbox at the ISP and then distributes to everyone
subscribed to the list for that mailbox. Can Mailman be configured to do
the same(that is POP3/SMTP to a single mailbox)? Arrow was simple to
setup because it is configured like a standard POP3/SMTP mail reader. 

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