[Mailman-Users] Where's the "doc" ? or I'll build it...

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Mon Jan 5 01:05:08 CET 2004

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Scott Cavness wrote:
> " <http://www.list.org/site.html> Site Administrators -- anybody who
> is setting up a Mailman site. This documentation contains all the
> information about installing Mailman, integrating it with your mail
> and web servers, setting list defaults, configuring virtual domains,
> and enabling various options for your list administrators. This
> documentation also gives some hints on how to tune Mailman for
> optimal performance."
> The Site Admin link above just shows the command line and cron
> scripts and says nothing about installing, integrating, etc. I
> checked the FAQs, searched the archives for
> "installation/setup/configuration" and could not find a
> "step-by-step" anywhere.

Yeah, perhaps that should be changed.

> The Mailman installed RPM (Fedora Core 1) contains no README or any
> doc that I can find.

You didn't look hard enough or in the right places or something is
borked with your fedora rpm install.  :)

The fedora rpm appears to contain various docs from the mailman
tarball, some edited specifically for the fedora rpm install.

$ rpm -qpd mailman-2.1.2-2.i386.rpm 

(BTW, you can just run rpm -qd mailman on your fedora system to see
what documentation files were included.  I'm not at a fedora box so I
just grabbed the rpm to check that the docs were indeed included.)

If you want to see the original INSTALL file as shipped with mailman,
just grab the tarball.

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