[Mailman-Users] running mailman on second machine

Jeff Donovan donovan at beth.k12.pa.us
Wed Jan 7 17:50:06 CET 2004

On Jan 7, 2004, at 11:28 AM, Simon White wrote:

> 07-Jan-04 at 11:19, Jeff Donovan (donovan at beth.k12.pa.us) wrote :
>> i want to be able to do this;
>> mail sent to user at mydomain.com ---> smtp1.mydomain.com
>> mail sent to user-list at mydomain.com ---> smtp2.mydomain.com
>> Mailman is running , and i have setup a test list. i subscribed 3
>> users. These user accounts are located on the primary box. Now i have
>> not setup an MX record yet. But i will once I figure out which way to
>> go.
>> delivery to user at mydomain.com failed with code 550:
>> <user at mydomain.com>: User unknown in local recipient table.
>> **doh**
>> i don't want a local delivery,..i want to send mail to the primary.
>> is there anyway i can do this?
> This is based on your mail server and MX records.
> You can create aliases on the main server and then point specific
> aliases to a subdomain, or by using transport maps (Postfix).
> One domain name means one main MX machine which can then feed mail to
> secondary machines given correct aliasing.
> Using a separate subdomain for Mailman would probably be easier
> (user-list at lists.mydomain.com)... then you set up the mail server on 
> the
> Mailman machine to receive mail for lists.mydomain.com

greetings, thanks for the reply.
that makes total sense to me.
i am converting about a 100 alias files into maillists. and running 
them on a different machine.

correct me if Im wrong.
i setup my dns records
IN	MX	10 smpt1.mydomain.com.
IN	MX	10 smpt2.mydomain.com.

on smtp1 i create an alias

user-list1 --> user-list1 at smtp2.mydomain.com
user-list2 --> user-list2 at smtp2.mydomain.com
user-list3 --> user-list3 at smtp2.mydomain.com

does that sound correct?
Do I have  to edit any files as far as Mailman is concerned?
Should I relay my smtp traffic through smtp1 or just let the list 
server take car of itself?


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