[Mailman-Users] running mailman on second machine

Chris M. Miller cmmiller at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Jan 7 18:08:17 CET 2004

> >> i want to be able to do this;
> >> mail sent to user at mydomain.com ---> smtp1.mydomain.com
> >> mail sent to user-list at mydomain.com ---> smtp2.mydomain.com
> correct me if Im wrong.
> i setup my dns records
> IN	MX	10 smpt1.mydomain.com.
> IN	MX	10 smpt2.mydomain.com.

  If smtp2.mydomain.com knows what to do with a message to
'user at mydomain.com', then this is fine. OTOH, since you said you're
getting errors to the effect that it does not, you will probably need to
remove that second MX record and let all your mail go through smtp1.

> on smtp1 i create an alias
> user-list1 --> user-list1 at smtp2.mydomain.com
> user-list2 --> user-list2 at smtp2.mydomain.com
> user-list3 --> user-list3 at smtp2.mydomain.com
> etc,...

  Given what I said above, I think that should work.


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