[Mailman-Users] running mailman on second machine

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Wed Jan 7 18:16:47 CET 2004

07-Jan-04 at 11:50, Jeff Donovan (donovan at beth.k12.pa.us) wrote :
> On Jan 7, 2004, at 11:28 AM, Simon White wrote:
> >07-Jan-04 at 11:19, Jeff Donovan (donovan at beth.k12.pa.us) wrote :
> >>i want to be able to do this;
> >>mail sent to user at mydomain.com ---> smtp1.mydomain.com
> >>mail sent to user-list at mydomain.com ---> smtp2.mydomain.com
> >>
> >>Mailman is running , and i have setup a test list. i subscribed 3
> >>users. These user accounts are located on the primary box. Now i have
> >>not setup an MX record yet. But i will once I figure out which way to
> >>go.
> >>
> >>delivery to user at mydomain.com failed with code 550:
> >><user at mydomain.com>: User unknown in local recipient table.
> >>
> >
> >You can create aliases on the main server and then point specific
> >aliases to a subdomain, or by using transport maps (Postfix).
> greetings, thanks for the reply.
> that makes total sense to me.
> i am converting about a 100 alias files into maillists. and running 
> them on a different machine.
> correct me if Im wrong.
> i setup my dns records
> IN	MX	10 smpt1.mydomain.com.
> IN	MX	10 smpt2.mydomain.com.
> on smtp1 i create an alias
> user-list1 --> user-list1 at smtp2.mydomain.com
> user-list2 --> user-list2 at smtp2.mydomain.com
> user-list3 --> user-list3 at smtp2.mydomain.com
> etc,...
> does that sound correct?

Well... more or less, but you can't have two MX records for the whole
domain because that will cause some mail to go to one box, and some to
the other. You want the MX to be smtp1.mydomain.com ONLY and then do the
aliases as you described on smtp1 to point the list names to smtp2.

However if you have about 100 alias files then you might want to
consider the second option, i.e. using a subdomain (see my previous

> Should I relay my smtp traffic through smtp1 or just let the list 
> server take car of itself?

I don't have any experience with Mailman sending SMTP directly so I
don't know. I'd feel that relaying through smtp1 would be better to have
all your logs for sending in one place though.


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