[Mailman-Users] A Blind User

Dennis Brown brown99 at BlindProgramming.com
Sat Jan 10 16:01:16 CET 2004

Hi All,
I am a blind computer user that runs a web site for visually impaired
programmers, BlindProgramming.com .  I moved it from Earthlink to a new
host, and the new hose uses MailMan.
I have two lists set up; programming at BlindProgramming.com (450+- members,
for discussing programming-related issues), and
JawsScripts at BlindProgramming.com (620+- members,  which discusses the use of
the adaptive screen reading package most of us use to access Windows.)
I have a couple of issues that I cannot locate the answers to easily, and
was wondering if one of you MailMan gurus could make suggestions?
1. When someone replies to a message sent to the list, it puts 3 addresses
in the To: field; brown99 at BlindProgramming.com (my address);
programming at BlindProgramming.com ; and "A list for discussing programming by
the blind in a visually oriented profession".
It puts my address, the list address, and the one-line description of the
Now, the settings in the General... section for replies has 3 settings;
poster, list, and explicit address.  I have this set to "list."  Why won't
it just send to the list, and not  those others?
2.  In Content filtering..., I have it set to "yes", and I still (according
to the screen reading software) get the attachment icon, but no attachment!
I want no attachments at all, and HTML converted to text, which I thought
just setting the filtering option to Yes would do.  Why do the members still
get the attachment icon as if there is an attachment attached?

I appreciate all suggestions!
Dennis Brown  "Visually impaired as a bat!"

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