[Mailman-Users] Restoring corrupt system

Allan Trick atrick at prin.edu
Sat Jan 10 23:28:19 CET 2004

I need a little help.  I've got an installation of Mailman (2.0.13) that we 
put up last October.  Everything was running fine until a couple of days 
ago when our system admin ran some updates on the RH Linux server that 
hosts Mailman.  The next morning Mailman was down and we determined that 
Python was having problems.  We looked into the reasons why and couldn't 
figure out what had gone wrong.  The sysadmin doesn't think any of the 
updates should have hurt Python.  But anyway, they ended up reinstalling 
Mailman, and 2/3 of my lists are gone (I don't know why some survived!), 
and the overall configuration of the system I customized last fall is all gone.

We have nightly backups of this server, so I know I can restore 
everything.  But can someone help me out by telling me what needs to be 
restored?  Is everything the system needs contained in /var/mailman?  Or 
are there files elsewhere on the server (asssuming our installation is 
typical, which I think it is)?  Is there anything in the FAQ's that'll help 
me piece things back together?  (I looked and couldn't find anything 



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