[Mailman-Users] 4 things: conjugation with usenet, archivisation by arriving date, statistics, and link to the archives in archivised posts.

Andrzej Kasperowicz andyk at spunge.org
Sun Jan 11 01:35:06 CET 2004

Admin of my server moved some time ago one of my lists to Mailman, but 
the other one he did not, because the other one is conjugated with a 
usenet news group, and he said that he can't do that under mailman, 
because in order to conjungate it in direction usenet -> list the list 
would have to be open for everyone, or moderator would have to confirm 
every post send from persons not subscribed to the list. 
Is that true?
If yes, then... ok I understand the initial legitimate idea that if 
usenet group is open to everyone then the list should be too, or both 
should be moderated.
The problem is however, that to the mailing list address are coming 
hundreds of spams *per day* (even though spamassassin is installed), so 
it cannot be open. I could not also find silly enough moderator to 
manually delete hundreds of spams daily.
The only solution is to allow private list to be conjugated with an open 
usenet group.
I request to allow it in mailman *as soon as possible*.

I think that there should be an option allowing to archive mails 
according to date of reception of the posts by mailman, and not date set 
by user who sends it. That would prevent dates from the future in the 
archive: 2006, 2011, 2013, 2024 which you can see in this list (mailman-
users) archive:

I also would wish to see in mailman statistics of posts sent by users, 
i.e. how many post were sent from each e-mail address. There is such a 
feature in ver. 6.0d of ListProcessor by Anastasios Kotsikonas. It would 
be nice to have it in Mailman, too.

I think that there should be present a link to the main archive web page 
in every archivised message seen in archive, because at the moment there 
is only link to the subscribtion page (information page), and possibility 
to sort messages differently, but if I read it sorted by thread for 
example, I cannot go back to the begining of the thread or to the main 
archive web page by clicking on a link - there is no such a link, 


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