[Mailman-Users] 4 things: conjugation with usenet, archivisation by arriving date, statistics, and link to the archives i

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Hello: I have followed Mailman for a year+ and have yet to reach a point
to replace my combo of majordomo and Mhonarc. Finally, a week ago I
installed the latest version of MM and was quite surprised with how
smoothly it went. I thought, NOW is the time to switch over -- that is,
until I saw the flaw now being discussed about the bad dates in the
archives as shown by MM's own archives.

Being that our lists are filled with scientists, engineers, academics
who commonly measure the quality of a "paper" on its grammar, spelling,
and other nits, this flaw put me off again for the moment -- and I don't
want to have to patch Mhonarc back again. I was thrilled to see the
pipermail archiver installed and then abruptly dissapointed.

I'm not complaining as I jnow this is software that is free to use and
one doesn't look a gift horse in the mouth. I just saw the opportunity
to ring in on this very on-point issue, and at the same time hoping it
can be fixed soon. Now that I've tried MM, I really like it.....

Thanks.... and keep up the good work!

Best regards,
List Manager

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> > The problem is that the "Date:" field is almost always correct
> > (at least, within a few minutes).  This is why people get upset when
> > it's wrong.  If you really care about this problem, then what is
> > really needed is not to simply choose the fields in a particular
> > order, but instead a way of intelligently over-riding and correcting
> > the value of the "Date:" field, based on the "Received:" headers.
> Well, it seems that instead of overriding "Date:" field by the date
> "Received:" it's enough to use the date from "Received:". At least in
> Mhonarc it is like that. I think it should be available as an option
> Mailman.
> > Of course, this doesn't help you for private archives, which is
> > why there are tools like glimpse.
> But when admin has no will/time to install it, it would be better to
> it included in Mailman, just like pipermail is included.
> After all developers could had not included pipermail, and say 'hey,
> there is Mhonarc, and hypermail, use that if you want to archive
> ak
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