[Mailman-Users] admin request notifications

Bart Decrem bart at decrem.com
Sat Jan 17 21:28:23 CET 2004

The Mozilla Foundation operates 74 Mailman lists with hundreds 
(thousands?) of messages per day.  We are running 2.0.13.

Our problem is with admin notification.  We'd like to stop receiving 
admin notifications altogether. Better yet, we'd love to get rid of the 
admin queue and have admin'd messages automatically discarded.  90% of 
these messages are spam, with the remainder being messages by 
non-members and admin requests, that we can handle through the 

Simply using a bogus email address for the admin address doesn't work, 
since we do want to deal with administrative requests 
(subscribe/unsubscribe/post problems). 

Is it possible to tell mailman to stop sending out admin notifications?
Is it possible to just get rid of the admin queue altogether?
Will something bad happen if we ignnore the admin queue for a list for, 
say, an entire year?

The only idea we have is to use a bogus admin address, edit the listinfo 
footer to display the real admin address, and edit the /etc/aliases file 
to hardcode the *-owner recipient.

Any other suggestions?


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