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Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Fri Jan 23 17:06:20 CET 2004

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Adrian Beacham wrote:
> Hi there. I am hoping someone can help me. I recently installed
> Redhat 9.0 on a machine and included the mailman package in the
> install. As I am new to mailman I cant seem to create a list because
> I dont have the list creators password. For some reason I cant find
> any documentation on it in the installation and all the passwords I
> have used dont work. I get a message saying I am not authorised to
> create a list. I know this may seem silly to some but I am still
> feeling my way with linux as well as mailman.

The Red Hat rpm installation puts the documentation for software in
/usr/share/doc/<name>-<version>/.  There is an INSTALL.REDHAT file for
mailman that covers the post installation setup that needs done for
mailman.  You'll want to check that out as well as possibly reading
the other README files that are shipped with mailman.

As a more general tip, you can use rpm -qd mailman to get a list of
all the documentation files in the mailman rpm.

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