[Mailman-Users] Content Filters hate html?

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Fri Jan 23 20:57:41 CET 2004

      I've tried this every way I can think of, and can not get it.  Please 
don't tell me html e-mail is of the evil one - it's what the user wants.  I 
need for html formatted text to go through, but images to be rejected.  The 
only way I have been able to get html to pass is by turning off filtering 

Mailman version 2.1.2

in all tests:
Should Mailman filter the content of list traffic according to the settings 
below? is set to yes
Should Mailman convert text/html parts to plain text? is set to no.
Remove message attachments that have a matching content type = image

test one:

Remove message attachments that don't have a matching content type =

      this result in a plain text message.  The headers show:

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed

       But when the exact same message is sent with filtering off it shows:

Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
test two:

Remove message attachments that don't have a matching content type = blank 

      this results in a plain text message, with the header:
X-Content-Filtered-By: Mailman/MimeDel 2.1.2

      It appears that turning the filters on removes all html formatting 
regardless of how the filters are set.  Is there a way around this?

<>< Paul

PS - my apologies if this comes through twice.  Some 14 hours after the 
first send it had not shown, and I had no error back.  No doubt posting it 
again will ensure the first one will make it too, while not posting again 
ensures the original will be forever lost.

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