[Mailman-Users] who command

Mike Phillips mmlist at mikephillips.com
Wed Jan 28 15:33:56 CET 2004

New problem. When I send "who <password>" (the correct one this time) 
to the server, it responds with the AutoResponse, but it is not sending 
me the list, nor is it croaking on me. It's doing nothing. I'm sure I 
have the syntax correct as I have had it work once or twice. The email 
to list-request at mydomain.com is in plain text. Anything I can check to 
see what is wrong? Maybe I screwed up something in the configuration. 
(I don't have root access to the shared server.)

Mike Phillips

> I am the adminstrator and subscriber to a list. I sent a command to 
> list-request at mydomain.com with the body of the message "who 
> <password>". The server responded, "You are not allowed to retrieve 
> list membership." "Who can view subscription list?" is set to list 
> members. Is there another setting to allow me to get the list 
> membership by email?
> What I am trying to do is move the membership of one MailMan list to 
> another one. The real question is, how can I get a simple listing of 
> the membership (one email address per line) so that I can do a mass 
> subscription on a second list?
> Thanks.
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