[Mailman-Users] Can I set up a user-friendly write-to address?

Lee lee_19712003 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 30 00:42:43 CET 2004

hello Richard and Todd,

thankyou for your recent replies regarding the cpanel
v mailman issue I mailed in about.
('user-friendly' post-to address, not x_xx.com at xx.com)

I was advised by my hosting support to set up a
'dummy' simpler-addressed email account for list
subscribers to write-to, which i would then
auto-forward to the actual email address of the list.

I had thought of this but I think they have been a
little simplistic in their advice on how to do this;

yes, if my list is open to subscribers only, the
'dummy' address would need to be a subscriber of the
actual list, but I feel I need to look deeper into

For eg, mailman would send out mail from its 'real'
address which I would have to configure in the
settings to appear as the 'dummy address' - presumably
I would do this by adding the dummy as the explicit
reply-to address?

I can also see issues regarding the dummy email's 
subscriber 'metoo' and 'no mail' options - 
I'm assuming they need to be set to not receive any
list mails at all, to avoid a mail loop and

thanks for any help,


(By the way, my server's python is out of action at
the moment, so I can't just test any of this to see
what works)


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