[Mailman-Users] Can I set up a user-friendly write-to address?

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Fri Jan 30 10:28:59 CET 2004

29-Jan-04 at 23:42, Lee (lee_19712003 at yahoo.com) wrote :
> I was advised by my hosting support to set up a
> 'dummy' simpler-addressed email account for list
> subscribers to write-to, which i would then
> auto-forward to the actual email address of the list.
> yes, if my list is open to subscribers only, the
> 'dummy' address would need to be a subscriber of the
> actual list, but I feel I need to look deeper into
> this.

No. The 'dummy' address is merely a pointer to the real list address.
This does not require the 'dummy' address to be a subscriber, because
the emails will be passed on (transparently) to the list, and with the
original sender still in place of course.

The 'dummy' address will be an alias for the real address, nothing more.
The important part will be getting messages to go out with the Reply
address set correctly.

> For eg, mailman would send out mail from its 'real'
> address which I would have to configure in the
> settings to appear as the 'dummy address' - presumably
> I would do this by adding the dummy as the explicit
> reply-to address?

You can do that, but some email clients might not obey the Reply-To
address correctly, you will be watertight only if you can set the main
>From address correctly...

> I can also see issues regarding the dummy email's 
> subscriber 'metoo' and 'no mail' options - 
> I'm assuming they need to be set to not receive any
> list mails at all, to avoid a mail loop and
> duplicates?

Nope... the 'dummy' address (alias) does not need to be a subscriber.


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