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Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Tue Jul 6 16:20:31 CEST 2004

At 3:38 PM +0200 2004-07-06, Brad Knowles wrote:

>              Mailman doesn't use scripts, applets, or plug-ins, nor does
>  it use frames, tables, graphs, or charts.  About the only relevant tips
>  are the ones regarding hypertext links (which I believe we're already
>  conformant with), and page organization (which I think we do pretty
>  good at, although I don't think we use CSS).

	Correction -- Mailman does make extensive use of tables. 
However, I believe that we follow pretty well the W3C/WAI QuickTips 
suggestions on their proper use.

>  	In my own experience, most visually challenged people use text-mode
>  browsers, such as "lynx" or "links", or programs that operate in a
>  similar fashion (perhaps Netscape on a 24" monitor with 96 point type
>  and most advanced features turned off, like auto-loading graphics,
>  javascript, java, etc...).

	I have been informed that many visually challenged people use 
Internet Explorer instead of Netscape (makes me wonder what they're 
doing about the recent security problems where even the Department of 
Homeland Security is recommending people switch to other browsers), 
and while some advanced features may be turned off, others (like 
Javascript) are apparently typically kept turned on because many 
pages require them.

	Nevertheless, this is for a given subset of the visually 
challenged community.  For people who are completely blind, this 
method probably won't work and alternative methods would have to be 

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