[Mailman-Users] 3000 new members of my e-mail list not receivingmessages

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Mon Jul 12 23:33:30 CEST 2004

At 8:59 AM +1200 2004-07-13, mlahiphop.com wrote:

>  No-- all members are not set to receive digest.  I am wondering if
>  Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and other popular e-mail accounts have something
>  that blocks e-mails to a new list this long or something?

	What do your mail queues look like?  What do you have in your logs?

	It is entirely possible that large sites such as AOL, Yahoo, 
Hotmail, Gmail, etc... are temporarily or permanently rejecting your 
messages, or silently tossing them in the bit-bucket because they 
think they're spam.

	However, we'd need to hear what you've got in your logs and your 
mail queues to know for sure.

	As I said the firs time, I recommend you start with the tips at 
and the related FAQ entries mentioned at the top.  You should also 
see the FAQ entry at 

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