[Mailman-Users] 3000 new members of my e-mail list notreceivingmessages

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jul 12 23:51:54 CEST 2004

mlahiphop.com wrote:

>No-- all members are not set to receive digest.  I am wondering if 
>Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and other popular e-mail accounts have something 
>that blocks e-mails to a new list this long or something?

The only way they would have any clue as to the size of the list is via
the number of recipients in their own domain. It is likely that if
this number is large, the message could wind up in a "spam" or "bulk"
folder or be bounced or silently discarded.

>Because now 
>some people have received the message (mostly webmail users with e-
>mail accounts on their own websites) but not anyone else. I'm at a 
>loss of explanation for this problem.

Look at your mailman logs - in particular "smtp" to see how many
recipients the message is sent to and "bounce" to see if it's bouncing.

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