[Mailman-Users] Migration

Brian York yorkb at NKU.EDU
Thu Jul 15 01:35:19 CEST 2004

I am doing a migration from PMDF listservs running on openVMS. We have four 
types of lists (open, open-moderated, closed, closed-moderated). I have 
several hundred lists to move from that to mailman. Any ideas on creating 
lists automatically and changing settings so they fit into one of the four 
types (I know the settings to use).

Could i put the config.pck file from a list that i have created with the 
settings that I want for a open list and paste it over the config.pck list 
after it has been created or is there a way to use some kind of templates 
with mailman.  

Need any ideas on speeding up the creation of the lists.


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