[Mailman-Users] Activity/Usage Analysis

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Thu Jul 15 19:30:54 CEST 2004

At 9:32 AM -0500 2004-07-15, Fabio Giannotti wrote:

>  Has anyone written an add-on that would allow for activity/usage analysis?
>  Particularly, I would like to be able to get reports on:
>  1. The number of mail messages in and out of the list for a given time
>  frame.  That is, total number of emails that go through my system because of
>  the list.
>  2. The total size in bytes of all of that email traffic
>  3. The number of users on a list during a given time frame.  (Something like
>  a time line that would show user count changes during that time frame.)

	There are a variety of log processing programs, depending on your 
MTA, etc....  If you use postfix, check out pflogsumm (see 
<http://jimsun.linxnet.com/postfix_contrib.html>).  I've got some old 
scripts for doing similar things for sendmail syslog data (see 
<http://www.shub-internet.org/brad/sendmail/index.html>).  For most 
any MTA, you should also check out lire (see logreport.org).

	However, I'm not aware of anyone who has developed such tools 
that are specifically oriented towards mailing lists.

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