[Mailman-Users] what is the way mailman deliver the messages?

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Wed Jul 21 20:08:55 CEST 2004

At 12:49 PM -0500 2004-07-21, David Elias Sanchez Vasquez wrote:

>  I just started to use mailman. I have near 2200 suscribers, I am using
>  mailman mostly like a newsletter.

	That's a typical use.

>  I'd like to know which is the way mailman proceds to deliver the messages I
>  send. The problem is that my server only allows to send messages to no more
>  than 300 destinataries per hour. Since I have 2200, I'd like to know if
>  mailman use any algorithm to deliver the messages during an among of time
>  (for example, deliver to 200 destinataries per hour till it reachs the
>  total -2200)

	Mailman has no way to control this.  Depending on how you have 
configured various settings, Mailman may dump 100 or 500 recipients 
or more into what it considers to be a single outgoing message.  The 
MTA which receives this long list of subscribers might then break 
that up into smaller chunks of five or ten recipients for some 
medium-size sites, fifty or a hundred or more recipients for large 
sites, and lots of smaller sites with just one or two recipients.

	Your ISP would look at this flow of outgoing messages, and could 
decide to count this in a variety of ways.  They could count the 
total number of recipients, regardless of the number of messages. 
They could count the number of connection attempts, regardless of 
number of recipients.  They could do something else.

	If you want to do rate limiting, you need to do that within the 
MTA.  Mailman has no features to allow you to control this.  If your 
MTA does not provide any features to allow you to control this, you 
should consider upgrading your account, switching ISPs to one that 
does not rate limit you, or moving your list to a hosting provider 

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