[Mailman-Users] Problems with virus spoofing to customer lists

Rod Neep rkpn at british-genealogy.com
Thu Jul 22 01:35:10 CEST 2004

In message <003501c46f4f$db41d240$a303320a at spot>, Alexander Storman 
<astorman at elmresources.com> writes
>Hi All,
>We are having issues with email being spoofed from M$ viruses that have 
>managed to get most of our company email addresses. Viruses are getting 
>through since they are spoofed as addresses that have unmoderated 
>approval to send to the list. We are looking for a way to password 
>protect sending of messages in Mailman. Is there a way to setup a 
>password inside the email body for outgoing messages?
>Do I have any options other than forcing a moderation flag on all users 
>and making list administrators approve these via the web interface?
>What are other people doing in this situation?

It happens to us all of the time...

Set the max message size to 15Kb .... then the viruses will not get 
through to the list.

They will end up needing to be approved by the list admin... or 

Your own messages that may be larger than this can be approved by 

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