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Spencer Yost syost at triad.rr.com
Fri Jul 23 15:49:39 CEST 2004

>>  and every once in a message destined for the another list ends up in
>>  moderation requests page somehow, waiting for approval.
>	See

Thanks, I appreciate it.  I swear I looked in the FAQs but I guess I was in
too much of a hurry.   The FAQs do not answer the second part of my
question though.  That is the problem where messages clearly destined for
another mailing list end up in mailman.   Interestingly, this only happens
a maybe a dozen times since yesterday afternoon and it doesn't happen to
all messages.  Headers of a example message in my mailman list moderator
request page follow my signature.   As you can tell from the headers, the
message clearly was addressed to at at lists.antique-tractor.com but ended up
on the mailman at lists.antique-tractor.com moderator page as well.  I left
the message on the moderation page so if someone wants to verify or look at
something, I can change the admin password for the list admin page and let
them in for a few minutes.

To really confuse things, the message does really still show on on the
proper list.   In other words, the message below, did indeed get delivered
just fine to the proper mailing list.

I have tried restarting mailman.  One other clue:   This started about the
same time new MX records for my site probably propagated to the rest of the
Internet.  These new MX records that I created started pointing all
incoming mail to mail-abuse-org servers (I am using their new Lanai
service).  I am leaning to it being a coincidence though because I don't
think the timing was quite right but of course I can't know exactly how
propagation occurred and the first few messages on the mailman page I just
deleted before I started realizing what was happening.  Therefore I don't
have the "Received:" trail" on those critical first few messages anymore.
Plus I just don't see how routing my mail through a SPAM service could
possibly make a difference nor could I see this being the culprit if it
only happens to a few messages.

Spencer Yost
Owner, ATIS
Plow the Net!

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On 7/23/2004 at 10:35 AM Brad Knowles wrote:

>At 11:19 PM -0400 2004-07-22, Spencer Yost wrote:
>>  The list that is called "mailman" that the installation instructions
>>  you should set-up.  Do we really need it?   It seems to just be a spam
>>  and every once in a message destined for the another list ends up in
>>  moderation requests page somehow, waiting for approval.
>	See
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