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> Obantec Support wrote:
> >
> >Ok what i mean here is when I post to the list i only want list members
> >see To: news at lists.domain.com
> >what they are seeing is To: somebody at theirdomain.com CC:
> >news at lists.domain.com
> >what i want is like this list where when you post all you see is To:
> >news at lists.domain.com
> >
> I don't think this is a Mailman issue per-se. The default Mailman
> behavior doesn't change these things or move them around. I think the
> post was addressed To: someone, Cc: list by the person who sent it (or
> that persons mail client).
> For example, your post to which I'm replying was addressed by you To:
> <Mailman-Users at python.org> and it came to the list From: you with that
> To: address. I am replying-all to your post. if I didn't, the reply
> would go to you only. My MUA then addresses my reply-all To: you and
> the list, but many if not most MUAs will address that reply-all To:
> you with Cc: the list.
> So in this case, you will receive my reply directly, everyone else will
> receive it from the list. If your subscription is not set to avoid
> duplicate copies, you will receive another copy from the list.
> So, to summarize, I think posts are being addressed this way by the
> sender. If you see posts from the list addressed To: someone, Cc: the
> list, and you know that these posts were send to the list addressed
> To: the list only, then I don't know why this is happening.
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Hi Mark

I think it is how some mailing lists are not 100% used the way i understand
them to be used.
You hit reply all and yes OE sets up my address;list address (not CC) but
this means i get 2 emails!

if you hit reply and substitute my address for list address then i would
only get 1 email (my subscribed email).
Some users send with the From: set to the list name to avoid this. ( i see
quite a few double emails).

I still believe that the first email to a list should when it arrives at the
users inbox only show From: sender at domainX.com and To:
listname at lists.domainY.com

not From: sender at domainX.com  To: listmember at theirdomain.com and CC:
listname at lists.domainY.com

take my original post to this list the headers are

From: "Obantec Support" <support at obantec.net>
To: <Mailman-Users at python.org>

No Cc: header added by mailman


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