[Mailman-Users] Editing SMTPDirect.py

Rob Hackney Rob.hackney at tkcsales.co.uk
Mon Jul 26 14:56:11 CEST 2004

I am having the problem detailed in:
And have used the hack described.  This shouldn't create problems for us
as we run an announce only list.
Any replies get sent to list admin and if some does a reply_all then
this has an autoresponder stating announce only list.
I've also tested with duff email addresses and all seem ok.
I don't know python and doubt I can pick it up that quickly so this
question may seem daft.
I am wondering whether is is possible to edit the line:

msg['Sender'] = envsender 
And replace the envsender with an actual name and email address that
will be used everytime a newsletter etc is sent out?
msg['Sender'] = (Company Newsletter 'newsletter at list.domain.co.uk')

Haven't been able to find any other relevant info

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