[Mailman-Users] Dating Ring

zzizzle.com zzizzle at zzizzle.com
Mon Jul 26 16:09:42 CEST 2004

I am building a dating system called Nerdlicious.com and I have a few 

1) I wanted to set it up so the emails of people posting to the group 
are covered up, but when members reply, it gets sent to the poster's 
email automatically - The replyer's email address is then revealed to 
that person only, and they can email from there if they are a good 
match.  When I insert the reply address to use to cover up the 
anonymous posters' email address, I would guess I would lose that 
ability.  Any suggestions?

2) I want groups separated by city, so people in Atlanta can join one 
group, people in NYC another, etc.  And one each for straight / gay 
male / gay female, so I ended up creating many, many separate 
discussion lists.  I get the feeling that I could be accomplishing this 
by setting up topics, or using the MAIL/NEWS gateways or some kind of 
content filtering, where people could choose which types of messages 
they want to receive.  Any suggestions?

3) I was also curious how secure these lists are from hackers... if 
anyone has built them for kids, if the security is high enough to 
attempt that.

Thanks a lot guys!
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