[Mailman-Users] New mailman admin questions

Yogesh Subhash Talekar yogesh at unipune.ernet.in
Mon Jul 26 16:03:54 CEST 2004

> 1. Is it possible to cause 'config_list -i' to take input from
>    stdin instead of a file?

** I don't think its possible.

> 2. I can force a list to be associated with a particular virtual
>    host by using 'config_list' to modify "web_page_url" (but it
>    complains when doing so).  Is there a better way to do this?
>    And, while we're on the topic of "web_page_url", why is
>    "web_page_url" not listed among the parameters reported by
>    'config_list -o'?

** do it with "withlist"

> 3. Is there any reason to have the "News" qrunner active if I'm
>    not passing any mail to a news server?  (I have turned it off
>    in my mm_cfg.py.)

** Let them as they are !

> 4. Can I invoke the qrunner task from cron ('qrunner -o -r All')
>    on a regular basis in lieu of running qrunner as a background
>    daemon?  I think this is the way it used to work.  It would
>    seem this might be a reasonable tradeoff of CPU cycles for
>    memory for me in my slice of a low-memory VPS.  (It appears
>    to me that running qrunner as a daemon, with the associated
>    processes takes about 25 Megs of memory.)  Will this cause
>    any problems (besides making the cron logs balloon)?

** Try it !

> 5. The FAQ discusses several ways of forcing mailman to use a
>    secure apache connection (https).  Is there a way of forcing
>    the admin functions to a secure connection, without requiring
>    the same for the list users?  (Actually, this may be moot,
>    as it appears one can explicitly use https initially to
>    protect the admin password when logging in; encrypting the
>    rest of the session is less important to me.  But, I'd like
>    to force all administrative users to use a secure link,
>    at least during the authentication phase.)

** can't say ...

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