[Mailman-Users] New mailman admin questions

Rob Stampfli mml at mail.cboh.org
Mon Jul 26 05:29:33 CEST 2004

I am a new administrator of a mailman 2.1.5 package on a Linux
Fedora Core 1 box, as well as being new subscriber to this group,
so my apologies in advance if my questions  have been asked and
answered elsewhere.  I have looked through the FAQ at
www.python.org (excellent document, btw) and didn't really find
any answers to the following there.


1. Is it possible to cause 'config_list -i' to take input from
   stdin instead of a file?

2. I can force a list to be associated with a particular virtual
   host by using 'config_list' to modify "web_page_url" (but it
   complains when doing so).  Is there a better way to do this?
   And, while we're on the topic of "web_page_url", why is
   "web_page_url" not listed among the parameters reported by
   'config_list -o'?

3. Is there any reason to have the "News" qrunner active if I'm
   not passing any mail to a news server?  (I have turned it off
   in my mm_cfg.py.)

4. Can I invoke the qrunner task from cron ('qrunner -o -r All')
   on a regular basis in lieu of running qrunner as a background
   daemon?  I think this is the way it used to work.  It would
   seem this might be a reasonable tradeoff of CPU cycles for
   memory for me in my slice of a low-memory VPS.  (It appears
   to me that running qrunner as a daemon, with the associated
   processes takes about 25 Megs of memory.)  Will this cause
   any problems (besides making the cron logs balloon)?

5. The FAQ discusses several ways of forcing mailman to use a
   secure apache connection (https).  Is there a way of forcing
   the admin functions to a secure connection, without requiring
   the same for the list users?  (Actually, this may be moot,
   as it appears one can explicitly use https initially to
   protect the admin password when logging in; encrypting the
   rest of the session is less important to me.  But, I'd like
   to force all administrative users to use a secure link,
   at least during the authentication phase.)

Thanks in advance,

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