[Mailman-Users] Pre-approved messages

Michael Ewens mike at antiwar.com
Wed Jul 28 19:40:11 CEST 2004

I am trying to build a web interface that sends mail to a Mailman list 
(using Mailman 2.0.13).  Using php, I am constructing and sending a 
message (using the mail() function).  I have added:

Approve: <password>

to the header information  of a text/plain and text/html email, neither 
being approved.  Instead, I have to log-in to the web interface and 
approve each message.  It is this step that I hope to avoid.

I think that the best solution would be a command line one, but I can't 
find any Mailman docs related to sending approved messages from the 
command line.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.


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